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Our Executive Search Consultants have run businesses and built, sold and bought companies across different sectors, garnering a lot of experience along the way.

We can advise clients strategically, and apply our knowledge in the areas of sales and business development, brand, media, communications – and more.

To quote Shakespeare: "Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown." We are frequently asked to mentor CEOs and other Senior Executives, who benefit from our experience and confidential advice. This usually starts with an informal discussion – so why not contact Bob Hoffman and see how we can advise and help?

The team at Vista People can help you attract the top talent in Ireland and from abroad to come work for your organisation. Our collective backgrounds and experience across multiple sectors gives us this ability. We claim to be Ireland’s most innovative Executive Search company for a reason: why not harness our collective experience to help with your business strategies which may trigger the immediate need for new, talented people?

We can offer solid advice in Sales, Marketing, Brand, Innovation, Media, Communications and Technology. Our technology strategy expert, Barry O’Connor, can advise and assist on a range of technologies and how they apply to your business.


Sales & Marketing

Change is the only consistent aspect of the sales and marketing world. In the same way that at the beginning of 2016, the Irish commercial landscape was neither troubled nor energised by the prospect of Brexit, other changes in national and international business environments can suddenly make demands of an existing strategy and plan.

As a sales or marketing leader, sometimes it is necessary to stand back and get a third party’s objective view on some aspect of your activities. We have a combined 50 years of experience domestically and internationally in sales and marketing.

If you have an issue, let's meet and see if Vista People can help your company devise a solution that allows you to either overcome a problem or take advantage of a new opportunity.


Brand & Innovation

Successful brands and organisations know why they exist, they know why they came about, they know why they matter and why people buy them. These thoughts are timeless like Coke's "Coca Cola exists to inspire moments of happiness" or Brew Dog's "Screw you corporate beer world" we grow brands by ensuring all growth drivers work off and build back to purpose. This is not for marketing neatness, this is because purpose driven brands are more successful and make more money.

We fix and build brands.

Sometimes brands and their growth drivers drift from their purpose, are unsure of their purpose or maybe never had a clear purpose in the first place. We can fix or create brands using our brand purpose model and inspire growth drivers for your business that will grow your brand. Whether we're working on strategy, branding, innovation, communications, pricing, packaging or commercial drivers we work from and to purpose because we know that will grow your sales.

Contact Andy Crawford on +353 863 850 439

Media & Communications


Senior Team Member, John Ingram, worked for many years in the digital media, web development and business communications sectors, where he was Managing Director of Windmill Lane Pictures before setting up Animo Television.

John can advise on a communications strategy for businesses of all sizes. This range from crafting the desired message in a tender response to a full written, visual and audio campaign.

Contact John Ingram on +353 862 557 076

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