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Recruiting leaders is one of the most important and challenging tasks facing any organisation.  Recruiting school principals and finance directors for secondary schools is no different.  

With my twenty-two years’ experience as School Governor and Board Director (four as Board Chair) of a large private school, plus two years providing board consultancy, change management and recruitment services to that school, Vista People offers the following services:

  • Principal, Finance Director and Deputy Principal search, recruitment and selection process management
  • Board succession planning and recruitment

The service Vista People offers to secondary schools is unique.  It combines the skills and experience of senior private sector executive recruitment with the rigours of recruitment management as advised by the Joint Managerial Board.  

We work with a select group of retired school principals who are trained and highly skilled in the selection process for schools.

Members of Boards of Management of secondary schools fulfill their duties as non-executive directors, are often very busy people, and may not have any experience of the complexities of what is a highly regulated area of specialist recruitment.

Vista People can provide a complete search, recruitment and selection process management service to help schools identify and recruit the right talent, and give Boards of Management to reassurance that their own responsibilities are properly discharged and objective achieved.

John Ingram


Since the early 90s, John has held senior management positions in the media, technology and educational sectors. He was previously CEO of Windmill Lane Pictures, Ireland’s leading media services company, following which he founded and was CEO of independent TV production company Animo Television. He has extensive experience of providing strategic communications services to business leaders, EU and state bodies and commercial enterprises in Ireland and Brussels.

John held the roles of Governor and Board of Management member of St. Andrew’s College, Dublin, from 1998 to 2018, where he was also Chair of the Board for four years.   He is currently adviser to the Board of Governors of St. Andrew’s where he was responsible for recruiting a Finance Director (2019), and overseeing the selection process for a new Principal (2020).  John has been a frequent interview panel member for API and APII roles since 2006.

John’s focus in Vista People is now assisting the boards of secondary schools in succession planning, executive search and selection management.  This service combines the skills of executive search with the process management promoted by the Joint Managerial Board.

Appointing school Principals, Deputy Principals and Senior Post Holders is an important, complex and time-consuming process.  Vista People sees its service as solving that problem efficiently for school patrons and boards of management.

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