"The only way to do great work is to love what you do." –Steve Jobs

There are usually four ways an organisation hires a new person:

  1. Friends and Family. No recruitment fees and usually the quickest option but the most unscientific. You tend to view the candidate through ‘rose tinted’ glasses and if the candidate does not work out it leads to increased complications due to the personal relations involved. Worse still is to leave the person in the role doing a poor job.
  2. Do it yourself. Run job adverts in national press and websites, screen the incoming CV’s (including all the time wasters), schedule three rounds of interviews, go through offer stage, negotiations and employment contract. All this with usually little professional training and the cost for you and your colleagues time is much greater than outsourcing to a recruitment professional.
  3. High Street Recruitment. Good option. They will remove 50% of the time burden from you and supply you with a generous amount of CV’s. They will have experience of the process and pitfalls.
  4. Executive Search. Best option for mid to senior roles. They will remove 75% of the time burden with an industry search and although their feewill be a bit higher than recruitment companies, the candidate fit to your role and culture will be higher. The cost of a bad hire is very high, a good hire can help a company grow.

Why use an Executive Search company?

  • Good candidates do not always apply to advertisements in the daily media
  • The service assists clients in making sure they are clear on their requirement, which is not always the case
  • Top level executives insist on the confidentiality that is part of professional executive search
  • The direct contact is handled by an experienced searcher
  • Suitable candidates are pre-screened and those with a match for both the criteria and personal attributes for the position are selected
  • Balances the needs of the client and candidate and find a solution that benefits both parties
  • To take the guesswork out of selection
  • Good candidates often have to be enticed and courted to move
  • To identify suitable candidates in a similar industry and contact them on behalf of the client
  • There is a high possibility of finding the correct match
"Great companies make meaning. A company has a name, but its people give it meaning" –Richard Pascale


A sample of recent assignments carried out by Vista People:

  • Managing Director – FMCG distribution company
  • Chairman – FMCG distribution company
  • Non-Executive Director – FMCG distribution company
  • Non-Executive Director – International hotel organisation
  • Chief Commercial Officer – Telecom infrastructure company
  • Senior Strategy Consultant – Semi-State Joint Venture
  • Enterprise & Public Sales Director – Telecoms company
  • Country Manager – Daimler AG subsidiary
  • Managing Director – National media organisation joint venture
  • Sales Director – National media organisation joint venture
  • Regional Manager - Design and Construction company
  • Group Retail Director – International mobile telecoms company
  • Sales Director - FMCG distribution company
  • Senior Forensics Engineer - Specialist engineering company
  • Office Manager – International Mergers & Acquisitions company
  • Membership Manager – Irish professional body
  • Chief Commercial Officer – Technology design company
  • Sales Director – International agriculture equipment supplier
  • Business Development Managers (Multiple) – Telecoms companies
  • Chief Executive Officer – National retail organisation

Executive Search

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do"
–Steve Jobs

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