Non-Executive Directors – Experience and Independence on your Board

A well-chosen Non-Executive Director or Chair of the Board can bring a balanced view of the performance of a company while also making sure that the governance of the business is fit-for-purpose. A Non-Executive Director is generally expected to have a wider perspective of the business community at large and often has more to say about sensible and prudent control.

Times have changed…………so must your Board.

Does your Board still look like this? Is this representative of your staff, suppliers and most importantly your customers? We would respectfully say 'probably not.'

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Vista People can help you address the talent equilibrium on your board including experience, gender, sectoral knowledge and formal Board and governance training and qualifications. The Board is another team within the business, and a very influential one.

Board Appointments

As an owner – manager you can often not see the wood for the tress in the running of your business. A Board costs time and money to create but they are completely necessary for a thriving and growing business. You need a team behind you that has an eye on the broader picture, can help and advise the owner and Managing Director and make sure the company is not slipping into bad business practices.

The non-executive director, including the Chairperson, has become an important part of making sure the company has good corporate governance. In this role they must help to achieve corporate objectives including strategy, encourage a healthy culture and oversee executive activities and ensure regulatory and legal compliance.

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We are active members of the Irish Institute of Directors and Vista People would be very effective in introducing you and your company to potential Non-Executive Board members for your Board.

Vista People can help you attract senior and relevant people to your Board. We are deeply networked in Irish business in most sectors. Call us for a confidential chat about your Board needs. If we cannot help you, we will tell you.


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