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Why should you spend money assisting people who are leaving your company? Because it’s about more than your departing employees. It’s also about your company’s brand and reputation, and the people who remain. A redundancy round often deflates morale for everyone and an Outplacement programme can help.

For most people, their job consumes more time than family, or even sleep. A person’s job becomes an expression and extension of self, as well as the fulcrum around which their entire lifestyle turns. And so, when an organisation has to makes employees redundant, there is an onus and duty of care to do as much as possible to help them leave in a positive way. And how better than to help them secure a new and appropriate job, in a suitable time frame? This is where a professional Outplacement programme can help both the individual and your organisation.

Why use an Executive Search company?

Executive Search firms tend to invest much more time in candidates and exiting employees than high street recruiters.  We tend to have roles or know of roles on the market before anyone else.  There’s a reason Outplacement or Career Transition services is often called ‘recruitment in reverse.’

What’s involved?

We provide 4 X 75 minute face to face meetings (or Zoom calls or a mix), usually over an eight week period. Our meeting rooms are situated in Harcourt Street and Blackrock.

What do we cover?

  • Current state of mind, self-esteem and confidence levels
  • Current situation, their background and experience
  • Identify transferable skills and new job trends
  • Self-analysis SWOT document / career plan
  • Being able to clearly define their accomplishments and skillsets
  • Challenge their current thinking on career options
  • Look at possible employment alternatives
  • Identify suitable job opportunities
  • Design a well-presented and effective CV and LinkedIn profile
  • Outlining for them the different interview formats
  • Improving their interview style to make an impression on interviewers
  • Negotiating techniques to achieve a win:win situation with a potential employer

Benefits to the company

  • Projects a positive image of the company internally and externally
  • Helps reduce feelings of resentment and fear associated with change
  • Increases employee motivation
  • Protects company reputation

Benefits to the Individual

  • Highlights strengths, increases self-awareness and emphasises the positives
  • Helps make the transition a positive move for them and remaining team
  • Equips them with skills to search and identify their new ‘best-fit’ role
  • Provides access to expert and dedicated resources

How much does your service cost?

€1,200 for the 8 week programme including four sessions
€1,350 with an additional month of phone and email support
€1,500 for two months additional support.
Our services are VAT exempt.
Psychometric report €180 (Optional)

Can you tailor a package for our company?

Yes, we can including in-house shorter sessions i.e. one hour, with multiple people. Additionally, we can tailor a more wide ranging package for senior executives including networking, improving online presence and high level introductions with up to six months one to one support.   

Contact us:
Vista People Executive Search. or call us on 01-961 0015.

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Vista Oasis Ltd. trading as Vista People Executive Search. Company registration no: 581634. Business name registration no: 578183. VAT registration no: 3415696KH. Directors: B. Hoffman, A. Hoffman. Vista People operates with a Workplace Relations Commission licence (no. EA4026) and are Garda vetted annually to maintain this licence.

Vista People

Vista Oasis Ltd. trading as Vista People.

Company registration no: 581634

Business name registration no: 578183

VAT registration no: 3415696KH

Workplace Relations Commission licence: EA4026

Directors: B. Hoffman, A. Hoffman

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