As a manager the first task is often one of the most fundamental to the success of your team: picking the right team members that will work well together. Have you hired any superheroes recently?

John Rankin, using the Every121 process, provides extremely accurate team profiling for businesses which enables leaders to build collaborative, dynamic and high-performance teams.

While psychometric testing deals with an individual’s behavioural and personality traits only, Every121 goes deeper into the analytics of the relationships between people and how they interact. By comparing in this manner, it is possible to design a truly diverse, balanced and optimised team. Go from thinking “I hope” to saying “I know this team will work”.

Organisations that value and develop their staff reduce attrition and the knock-on expenses of replacing and training new employees.

We help you to identify the dream team dynamics needed to build and unlock their full potential and achieve the extraordinary. Every121 also offer a unique insight into what happens to the inter-personal relationships when people, within teams, are under pressure or stressed.

John offers a truly unique approach to team profiling and compatibility based on similar principles studied by renowned psychologist Carl Jung. It is continually proven that having a diverse workplace and an inclusive culture means having productive, engaged employees and that helps companies attract and retain top talent. Every121 strengthens this.

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