20200406 our two most critical industries 1

The most important sector in Ireland at the moment is clearly that of healthcare sector. But we mustn’t overlook the extent to which it is underpinned and...

20190923 telecomjobs a

For the first time ever, the Irish Telecoms industry has a “Go To” place that’s dedicated exclusively to identifying and hiring hard to find Telecom talent...

20190509 Bobby Kerr and Bob Hoffman

Another 'Down to Business' radio show in NewsTalk done and dusted with Bobby Kerr...

20181101 career 1

The has been an incredible amount of hyperbole spoken about Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in the last two to three years.

20181026 early new year 1

Well it does seem the logical, after all we are creatures of habit and generally organise our time and activities around set formats and standards.

20171218 employer employee

Formal job interviews: love them or loathe them, they are impossible to avoid. Whether you’re an employer or a candidate, they demand a lot of time, focus and energy.

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